Six Tips for Saving Energy Costs of HVAC System

Tips for Saving Energy Costs of HVAC System

Seasons of extreme temperatures can be really hard on the body. However, the one part of your life that may suffer the most with either hot or cold weather is your finances. More likely than not, your home has air conditioning and heating. Therefore, you are likely to be using the air conditioner in order to keep from getting too hot or too cold. However, this often runs up a lot of electricity. HVAC2As a result, you may have to pay a lot of money on a monthly basis. Fortunately, there are tips you can follow in order to save money on your electric bill.


1. Buy a newer air conditioning unit

Older models tend to use more energy, especially if they are not well maintained. The newer models are built with improved technology that makes them more efficient. Therefore, not only will they more effectively cool your home down, but they will also reduce your electrical costs. When looking for newer models, look for certain labels in order to ensure that the unit will save energy. One label that is worth looking into is ENERGY STAR. Brands with this label are known to save energy.


2. Buy a programmable thermostat

A thermostat is very effective in saving money. You just have to program a certain temperature so that it automatically turns on when it gets past that temperature. This is so that the air doesn’t become unbearable. At the same time, it keeps the air conditioner from using up too much energy. With a programmable thermostat, you can utilize different settings. For instance, you can set the room, time and other functions.


3. Remember air filters

odor filterOne factor in the efficiency of your air conditioner is the air filter. You have to remember to replace your air filters on a regular basis so that the air conditioner can perform at maximum efficiency. If the air filter is clogged or dirty, the airflow could be disrupted. There are also health risks associated with a dirty air filter. The best interval to change air filters is once a month.


4. Keep sun and debris from damaging HVAC

With good shade, the air conditioner unit will be protected from the heat of the sun and will also be able to operate at a more efficient level. This can also cut down on the energy that it uses. At the same time, certain particles and debris can get into the system. This can result in permanent damage.


5. Clean and open vents

While this is an obvious tip, there are times when someone accidentally closes the vents. Then there are cases where during cleaning, the person forgets to open the vents back up. In unusually warm rooms, it is important to look at the vent in order to make sure it is working. You also want to make sure the vents are thoroughly clean so that there is a smaller chance of having debris blowing through your house.


6. Consider gravity

Heat is always rising. Therefore, fans can work very well by sending heat out of the home so that the air and environment are more manageable. There are two types of fans that are ideal for this situation. These are standing fans or ceiling fans. One thing you want to do is improve the circulation so that your HVAC has less work to do.

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16 thoughts on “Six Tips for Saving Energy Costs of HVAC System”

  1. I’ve never heard of looking for the energy star label on an HVAC system. That’s good to know and would really help narrow down my search. I like it when I know that I’m investing in something that will save energy.

  2. Saving the Energy is important to save Money. The points you mention above are so nice and practical that anyone can easily follow it and save some good money . I personally like your post and follow it to decrease my overall energy cost on HVAC. Thanks for these valuable suggestion.

  3. Your sixth point on gravity was very interesting. I never thought that my ceiling fan could help the AC unit with circulation. I just moved into a move without central air and I need to make the switch. Before I did I wanted to study up on it and find a cheaper way.

  4. Another good tip would be to keep the HVAC system regularly maintained. That way you can spot any problems that may arise. You can also hopefully prevent problems from arising. That can help save you money from having to repair or replace the system!

  5. Great post and definitely agree with your first point of buying a newer models. Spending a bit more initially on a newer more energy efficient model will save you money in the long run and is well worth the up front out of pocket costs!

  6. Remembering to change the air filters is something I always here when I search for advice about HVAC systems. I feel like it must be quite a common problem. I’ve heard that it not only affects the efficiency but not changing it can cause some major problems as well.

  7. All of the tips you present here look wonderful, I had no idea that leaving your HVAC system in direct sunlight could cut down on the energy it uses and make it more efficient. I imagine regular maintenance would also improve the life and efficiency of an AC unit. There are probably professionals available in almost any urban area who could inspect a unit and give tips for how to maintain it properly.

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