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The Best And Worst Of Inner City Living

Inner City Living Has Advantages & Disadvantages

I live in a big city, though it’s not super huge when compared to some of the cities you might live in around the world. We have a population of around 4 million and not too many highrises, plenty of space, and to be honest – right now I actually live about 35 minutes drive from the city centre. That means I don’t have to worry too much about pollution and the like.

A few years ago, I lived much closer to the city in a suburb that is extremely popular and located just 10 minutes from the city centre. It’s amazing actually how different life is.

Central Living Has Positives

Living close to the city, or in the city, has plenty of advantages. If you get a job in the city centre, you don’t have too far to go. Which means you’re not contributing so much to carbon pollution in the great outdoors. You have better access to amenities, lots of parks nearby, plenty of shopping opportunities, and whether you want to go north, south, east or west, you don’t have to worry about it taking quite as long to get there as you would if you lived west and wanted to drive east… you get the picture. Living central also gives you plenty of nightlife, an abundance of good food options that you don’t get as much of in the suburbs, and so on.

Central Living Also Has Downsides

Central Living Also Has Downsides

There are a few downsides when it comes to living central in a big city, including not having as much space; possibly not even having a backyard because everyone lives in apartments; you simply don’t have as much freedom. But probably the worst thing – is the traffic. And that leads you, yep, you guessed it – air pollution; and if you like having your windows open – indoor air pollution.

One of the major things I noticed after moving from a central location, out to the suburbs (and as it turns out, we now live just 2 minutes from the ocean); is how my headaches became a lot less common. I was often getting headaches when I lived closer to the city, and now I have no doubt these were caused by the amount of pollution that got into my head (and into my head).

Another change to the quality of our indoor air – the amount of dust. There is so much less dust now than there was in our old place. Which mean, I’m not sneezing as often! And the best thing about living where we are now is that because there is less traffic, and less buildings, we can actually enjoy a fresh breeze floating through the house, all day long (most days of the year), which helps to keep the indoor air quality at a much higher level.

So, if do you live close to the city centre, how can you combat the air pollution in your home?

First, You Need To Control It

This might sound simple; and depending on what’s causing it, it can be. If you use a lot of chemicals in your home for cleaning and maintenance, opt for something more environmentally friendly instead. There are plenty of eco-friendly cleaning options available at the stores, or you could even make your own. Make sure you have your stove, oven, air conditioning and heating systems checked regularly to ensure they are in top working order and are not contributing to the problem. Keep your house clean, as much as you possibly can – or hire someone to do it for you; and ensure there is no mould growing in your walls, ceiling, showers and other damp places (including outside the windows in the garden).

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Second: Get Plenty Of Fresh Air

Now, this might be a lot easier said than done, depending on the type of city you live in, but if you can – open the windows and doors regularly so the air flows through. If you have concerns about the quality of that air, set up a fan to assist pushing any air that’s inside the home – outside. Ensure your exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom work effectively if you’re in a home that has few windows.

Third: Purify

If you’re stuck in the city and don’t have a lot of fresh air, your best option is to purify the air you do have. You can buy a huge range of purifiers these days that include any number of filters, from HEPA and UV to activated carbon filters. These filters are designed to help you get rid of anything that might be harmful to your health; or the quality of your home and lifestyle (although they won’t get rid of that ex-boyfriend who keeps calling at all hours of the night).

Investing in an air purifier, or even a humidifier, is a great idea regardless of where you’re living, if you want to help combat indoor air pollution.

So whether you love or hate inner city living, if the air in your home is causing you problems – don’t stress. Do something about it and life will become much more enjoyable.

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