How to Change the Filter in Air Purifiers

It is very important to change the filters in your air purifier regularly. And don’t overestimate the work you have to do because it is very easy to operate: you don’t need any tools, and it doesn’t take much effort. Since the general structure of air purifiers is similar, the steps are usually the same with any model. Now we will use the Honeywell 17000 air cleaner as an example to show you how to change a filter.

Honeywell Long-Life Pure HEPA QuietCare Air Purifier 17000
Honeywell Long-Life Pure HEPA QuietCare Air Purifier 17000

1. Always remember that whenever you want to work on your air purifier, the first thing is to turn off the unit and pull the plug out of the outlet to cut off the power supply.

2. Before delivery, every unit must be carefully inspected to make sure that the locking device keeps the filter tightly set in the air purifier. In order to clean the filter, you must rotate the locking device in a counterclockwise direction. And after you loosen it, you need to remove the endcap, which is attached to the unit.

3. Remove the filter. You can see the main part of the purifier. Remove the filter including the HEPA filter and activated carbon pre-filter from the main body of the unit.

4. Dismantle the filter. The activated carbon pre-filter is attached to the HEPA filter by fasteners. Remove them and take the pre-filter off the cartridge.

5. Change the filter. Use a new filter to replace the old one.

6. Install the new filter. Wrap the carbon pre-filter around the cartridge of the HEPA filter so that it fits, and tighten the fasteners to help fix the pre-filter in place.

7. Reinstall the filter. In step 6, you will have a composite filter (the new pre-filter attached to the HEPA filter as a whole), so put it inside the purifier in its place.

8. Put the endcap you removed earlier back on.

9. Fasten the locking device. Rotate the device clockwise until it is tightened.

10. Reconnect the power supply.

11. Turn on the unit, and reset the alarm system. Press the reset button for five seconds so the automatic alarm will measure the period that elapses before the next filter change.

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