Working Principle of The Purifiers

Why Do We Need Air Purifiers?

As the air pollution becomes an increasing concern, people are also become more concerned about their health. In fact the indoor air pollution can be more severe than outdoor air pollution. Because of lacking ventilation, larger particles such as pet dander, smoke, and dust, and smaller particles like bacteria and toxic substances form furniture are failed to be discharged. As those substances accumulating inside, it can cause many health problems. Some of the problems might be mild such as migraine headaches and stuffed nose, but some are severe, because the accumulation of toxins one breathes in the body, it may cause heart disease or even cancer. By using air purifiers the air quality can be effectively improved and the risks of getting sick will be reduced. Thanks to the variety types of them, you can use them in your home, offices, and cars or even wear them around your neck.

Working Principle of The Purifiers

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An Air Purifier

Air purifiers have many different types whose working principles are different from one another. A most common model is using an internal fan inhaling air into the purifier and through the combination of filters. Each layer of filter has its own features to filter particles. Some air purifiers without fan use tilter cartridges in heating ducts. The ionizer purifiers have a different method. They have no filters. No matter using a fan or not, they purify the air by releasing the microscopic negative ions into the air. They are like magnets attracting the airborne particles. When they combined, their weight will drag them into the ground letting them under the inhaled height and leaving no threat to human health.

Source of Indoor Air Pollution

Many airborne contaminants can take responsibility to the indoor air pollution. Dust, smoke, pet hair and some microbe such as viruses are floating all over the air. Apart from these contaminants, the toxicants from furniture, plastics and the residue of cleaning supplies paint can also pollute the indoor air. Even though you may not have allergy problems or asthma, staying in such environment, you can also have some uncomfortable symptoms such as nasal obstruction.

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