Top 10 Hidden Indoor Air Pollutants in Your Home

A person may think that the air they are breathing in their home is safe. People take measures to keep the air in their home clean and safe. There are still some common air pollutants that are found in the home. A person spends at least a third at their day at home and sleeping. There are some common air pollutants that a person should be aware of so they can take additional measures to protect themselves.


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This pollutant is found in the air. If a person has a large amount of radon in their home it can be deadly. To make sure the home is safe a person can have a sample of their air tested. They can have a professional come in and examine the air or they can request a test kit and have it processed. If a person is found to have the toxic radon in their home they need to contact the authorities so proper measures can be taken to make the air in the home safe again.


There are a number of what is considered to be biological contaminates that can affect the air quality of the home. These items are rather common and are found in just about every home. These contaminates include pollen, dust, and mold. A person should inspect their home often to check for mold and for other growths. If mold is found they should use a mild remover or contact professionals. A person should also clean their home more often to help remove dust and pollen that has been found on the surface.

Heaters and Fireplaces

10 indoor common air pollutants

Fireplaces can leave a lot of soot behind that can get into the air. Heaters can also leave behind some dust from things such as coal. To help prevent these contaminates from getting into the air a person should use an exhaust fan when these items are being used. The burners should be properly adjusted as well. Heating stoves as well as chimneys should be inspected often for any damage. This can cause the pollutant to be trapped inside the home. If there is any damage to these items they should be fixed right away.This way you can remove smoke and other pollutants from indoors.


Household Cleaners


Many people do not know this but there are certain chemicals in common household items that can release pollutants into the air. Do not purchase products that contain benzene, methylene chloride, or perchloroethylene. These can make a person sick. Old paint cans should be disposed of so they do not release toxins into the air. Be sure to carefully read all warning labels before using a product and be aware of the potential risks.


No one wants to have pests in their home. Ants and other bugs can be a real problem. Many people use pesticides to kill the bugs and keep them from coming back into the home. Be sure to real all information on the labels before use and be aware of all the warnings and potential health risks. Also follow the instructions on the label and be sure to allow for proper ventilation after using these products. To be safe there are many green forms of pesticides. They are effective at keeping the bugs away and do not contain any harsh chemicals. Disposed of all pesticides properly and use with caution around pets and small children.


10 Common Indoor Air Pollutants

At one time asbestos was commonly used to cover pipes in the home. It was also used in flooring as well as ceiling tiles. If a person owns an older home they should have it tested for asbestos. If a person breathes in the asbestos fibers they can develop several types of cancers and have trouble breathing. A professional removal company can be called to tests the home. If asbestos is found than the professionals need to remove it. A person should not be in the home during the removal process as fibers can get into the air. Once the remove is complete an air technicians will test the air and make sure there are no fibers that can cause harm to a person.


Lead is another harmful containment that is found in the air. Lead comes from paint. Older homes that are build before the 1980s have a greater chance for having lead in the paint. A person should call in a professional and have their air tests. If lead is found to be in the home a professional should be hired to remove it including all lead paint. Children should be kept away from this area as well as they are at a great risk for developing lead poisoning.


The carpet will trap dust and dirt. These contaminates can get deep into the carpet and a person will not know that they are stuck there. Even if a person cleans their carpet everyday dirt and other forms of pollution can be trapped. If a person has trouble with allergens they should switch to hardwood flooring or even linoleum. These are easier to clean and pollutants cannot get trapped in them.


These are some common indoor pollutants that may be found in the home. Not every home will even know that they are there. A person should clean their home on a regular basis. They should also call in the professionals if they have allergies that do not seem to go away to test for pollutants they may not be able to see.

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