top 10 tips for quitting smoking

Top 10 tips for quitting smoking

top 10 tips for quitting smoking

So you want to quit smoking? CONGRATULATIONS for taking the first step!

It is no secret that smoking is no good for you. It’s no good for anyone. However, for most people, quitting smoking can be very difficult, with many failed attempts. It takes a lot of will power to quit and STAY quit.
In order for success when quitting smoking, there are many questions you need to ask yourself that will help decide whether you succeed or fail.

Find your reason for wanting to quit.

Sometimes this choice can be strong enough to outweigh the urge to light up again. Lung cancer, heart disease and second hand smoke are legitimate reasons to quit, and for most people would certainly be a strong driving force to staying on the right path.

Smoking is an addiction.

Smoking is an addiction.

Cigarettes have a substance called nicotine which is what causes the addiction. Your brain get hooked on the nicotine and without it, you’ll go through withdrawal. Quitting smoking is more than just tossing out your cigarettes. Speak to your doctor about all methods available that will help you to quit. There are many apps available for download, as well as medication and hypnosis. If you arm yourself with as many tools as you can, when the day comes that you decide to quit, it will be a lot easier for you to do so.

Consider a quit-smoking program along with other nicotine

– replacement therapy such as nicotine gum, patches and lozenges. It can be tough fighting the cravings, especially when you just feel like “one last drag”. The withdrawals can cause headaches and bad mood swings so do whatever you can to help curb these withdrawal symptoms.

Get support

One of the best support networks when considering quitting smoking is that of your loved ones. Tell your family and close friends that you’re trying to quit smoking and they can keep encouraging you on your very stressful journey. Support groups and counselors are another alternative for support as they can give you strategies to keep going.
Quitting smoking can be a very stressful time. One of the reasons many people smoke in the first place is that it helps them to relax. So it’s important when you are trying to quit that you avoid stressful situations. Listening to music, exercising, getting a massage are just some of the ways to “unwind” when those cravings are getting too much and you just want to relax.

One of the worst times people tend to smoke, is when they are consuming alcohol. So it is only common sense that whilst you are trying to quit that you avoid alcohol. Try an alternative – drinking coffee or tea for a few weeks until the cravings subside. After meals can also be one of the main times people have a smoke so instead, go for a walk, call a friend or chew gum.

Toss all ashtrays and lighters!!

There is nothing worse than fighting cravings while you see ashtrays and lighters around the home as they will only trigger your brain to want a cigarette. Wash any clothes that might smell of smoke. Clean your house to get rid of any smoke smells as you don’t want to smell anything that will remind you of smoking.Place an air purifier to purify the air to get rid of smoke smell.

One of the major negative outcomes of quitting can be weight gain. Being active can not only stop the weight gain, but can also curb the cravings. Activities such as walking the dog will burn the calories warding off weight gain as you quit smoking.

Try to remember not to deprive your body of food whilst quitting smoking as this can easily backfire. Arm yourself with lots of fruits and vegetables and lean protein. You need to make sure you keep up the strength to keep your body looking and feeling healthy.


This is one of the main benefits of quitting smoking. You will notice how much money you will save. If you want to know how much you will save by quitting, there are online calculators that will be able to tell you. You might want to reward yourself with the money you are saving – but don’t spend too much. After all, you ARE trying to save money.

After only 20 minutes of quitting smoking, your heart rate goes back to normal. Your body’s carbon monoxide level will fall back into place within 1`day of quitting. The odds of you having a heart attack will decrease in just 2-3 weeks and your chances of getting lung cancer and other cancer will lower in the long run. So there are many health benefits associated with quitting smoking.

Many people fail several times at quitting smoking before they quit for good. Don’t get discouraged if you fail the first time. Determination and persistence is the key. Ask yourself what led to your relapse? Was it your emotions? Who you were with at the time? Stress in your personal life? Use this as a guide to help with your commitment to quitting. Remember, try and try again. If you do have a relapse, decide on a new “quit date” – preferably within the next month.

Good luck on your journey to quitting smoking and just remember – only YOU can make it happen!!

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