Winix WAC5500 air purifier review 1

Winix WAC5500 review – True HEPA Air Cleaner with PlasmaWave Technology

Winix WAC5500 review

True HEPA Air Cleaner Plus PlasmaWave Technology

Winix WAC5500 air purifier review 1
Winix WAC5500 air purifier review 1

    If you are considering to buy a HEPA air cleaner which is efficient enough for your family room or large bedroom, or even the office, Winix WAC5500 is likely to be what you are searching for. It can assure you that the air in your surroundings is extremely fresh and clean, and you are able to get rid of all the problems or diseases caused by airborne pollutants at your house or offices. 

   Perhaps the biggest benefit of this air cleaner which may surprise you is the remote control it has. It is easy to imagine what enormous convenience and comfort it brings. You can control the air cleaner wherever you are, you can turn on or off the machine when you are lying on your couch watching TV, sitting by the table having dinner or even at the door before you go outside. You can also choose the speed whatever you want without bothering to walk to it. You are definitely going to love the remote control and enjoy the convenience resulted from it.

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Even you are a skeptical consumer who gives priority to function, this air cleaner will not let you down for it is truly efficient and effective. The pre-filter made from carbon can absorb annoying odors, for example, penetrating odors produced by smoking, cooking or even slight odors from new leather shoes and clothes. Then the True HEPA Filtration manages to capture 99.97% of the airborne pollutants in your house, which can reduce your worries about indoor environment to the largest extent. Moreover, the air cleaner is equipped with the plasma wave technology, which attacks pollutants as small as a molecular including viruses, bacteria, and chemical vapors without creating harmful ozone. So it further makes sure that the air is free from any allergen that may do harm to your health. In short, this air cleaner works perfect and is a good choice for those who are critical about air quality and concerned about body.

Winix WAC5500 air purifier review 2
Winix WAC5500 air purifier review 2

    Another bonus of this winix air cleaner lies in the fact that this air cleaner has a smart air quality sensor with auto-mode, thus it can adjust itself automatically according to the settings it detects. For example, if someone who smoked outside just a moment ago steps into the house, the air cleaner might respond with a faster speed. It should be mentioned that there are four speeds on the air cleaner, so you can select whatever you want. The turbo setting is the most powerful, yet this cleaner is quite energy-saving for it consumes just 70w in this case, and it uses only 5w in the auto-mode and the first speed.Considering the excellent performance and various features of this air cleaner, the price is actually not expensive. What’s more, the washable HEPA filter it has can save you a large sum of money in the long run because it can be washed for six times before it should be replaced by another one.

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If you want a bigger air purifier, Winix 9500 air purifier is a brother machine which has a bigger working coverage, and  has same features.

Pros of Winix WAC5500:

* Convenient remote control

* Smart air quality sensor with auto-mode

* Energy-saving

* Affordable price

* Good appearance

Winix WAC5500 review

Cons of Winix 5500:

* Noisy in the turbo setting

* One-year warranty

  There are two minor flaws of this air cleaner. Someone might be bothered by the noise it produces or its short one-year warranty. However, the cleaner is slightly noisy only in the turbo setting, so you can pick other speeds at night if you are a light sleeper.

As for the warranty, you can choose to buy extended warranty in case of damages, and you must be glad to find that a free two-year extended warranty.

Summary for winix plasmawave 5500

    In total, the Winix WAC5500 air cleaner is a perfect combination of performance and price. It can be rated five stars from my point of view.  –>>Click Here to See More Reviews, Ratings and Discount information.

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